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Friday, 8 August 2014

Twisted Endings 3: Children of Blood by Timothy McLendon

Title: Twisted Endings 3: Children of Blood
Author: Timothy McLendon
Series: Twisted Endings
Read Type: eARC
Stars: StarStarStarStar

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TWISTED ENDINGS 3 is a collection of four mystery and suspense stories with unexpected endings. This collection picks up where TWISTED ENDINGS left off. A father fights to save his daughter. An aunt fights to save her niece. A crook fights to save a hostage family. And Jake returns to run the soap store, and fight for the lives of the innocent.

3X more action! The characters in these four short stories aren't prepared for what happens next. You won't be either! Just remember, children don't always behave. Strap yourself in for an adventure that never lets go!

Strong language: Some
Drugs: None
Violence: Yes
Sexual content: None

I received a copy of this anthology in return for an unbiased review

Twisted Endings 3 can be read as a stand alone, but many of the stories are linked to Twisted Endings 1 and one of them to Twisted Endings 2. I feel readers will get the most out of these if they read them in order.

Fresh Fragrances 3.5
This was a good opening to the collection, touching on both Twisted Endings 1 and 2, but still being able to be read as a stand alone. The tension of the opening was written tightly, and the mystery carrying on from it was good. I did feel the middle meandered a bit and lost its way, but the ending came back with a bang. This felt open ended as if it could be picked up again

The Amazing Mr Whiskers 4
This was a great story, starting with a woman reflecting on doing what she'd had to do to protect herself the night before, she's soon caring for her niece, when the method she'd used before backfired and arrived in her house. There was tension, tightly written paragraphs and emotions ramped up by a little girl in danger.

Shoot To Live 3
This story was fast paced with a good POV. I felt however it relied quite heavily in place on having read the prequel, Neighbourhood Watch in Twisted Endings 1. Like the prequel some of the tags were missing and I wasn't always sure who was who or where they were. I liked the left-field ending.
Would have made a better screenplay

Don't Let Her Die 4.5
This was a story with strong tension and heavy emotion running through it. It was well written, I really felt for both the man and his child, a very cute kid. The ending was strong, with a great twist.

As a solo anthology I thought this was very good. When read as a part of a series however, I thought it was great! Many of my favourite characters came back, either as a continuation of their story or as a cameo you had to look for.

Just when you thought the book was done a note hid in the back, so keep reading. I smell a sequel!

Overall another great effort with a variety of themes. I give this anthology a 4.

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