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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Anti-Matter Chronicles 02 - Sky Elf by P.G. Thomas

Title:Tranquil Fury
Author: P.G. Thomas
Series: The Anti-Matter Chronicles 02
Read Type: Indie Published
Stars: StarStarStarStar

You can purchase a copy of this book from Amazon UK and Amazon US
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 Series Overview

In Book one, Tranquil Fury, Lauren reluctantly accepted the role of Earth Daughter, and led the remaining elf and dwarf characters, as well as her friends, south in search of Mother’s children.

If they did not leave, the increasing presence of the black-clad army would trap them in the Ironhouse Mine, and all would be lost. Their only guidance prophecies
from the now absent Earth Mother, but none wished to talk of the words she spoke. With the help of her brother Logan and the strange creature IT, they threaded their way through the enemy controlled lands, and black-clad forces, which were larger than they anticipated. As they attempted to use stealth to find passage to the free lands (if there were any left), their worst nightmare was realized. Is it too late to save the world?

Book Blurb

Now Lauren, her elf Earth Guard, the dwarven Ironhouse Brothers, and Ryan, who mysteriously appeared when the threats had disappeared, are stranded in the enemy occupied territory. And the hunt is on for Zack, John, Eric the Champion of Tranquil Fury, Mirtza, and her brother Logan. And should they find them in time, the black-clad army presence is increasing, and the whereabouts of Mother’s children that fled the plague hoax, is still a mystery.


Strong language: Some, mainly mild
Drugs: None
Violence: Yes
Sexual content: None

You can read my review of the first book of The Anti-Matter Chronicles, Tranquil fury.
I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in return for an unbiased review.

This novel continues precisely where Tranquil Fury left off, jumping straight into the action, and getting to grips with the cliff hanger the previous book was left on. I feel because of this, and the pace of much of the book it is important the reader has read the previous instalment already.

I felt overall this book was much smoother and flowed better, mixing scenes of action with explanations, as opposed to the longer explanation we saw in some places in book 1. I was instantly engrossed and it held my attention well, particularly through the first half. A rescue, increased danger as they were forced to stay put, followed by a long arduous trek, risking their necks several times a day.

Eventually a village slash fort was found where they holed up to recover and regroup. They had found what they were looking for, a chance at salvation with people, but were these the people they sought? I felt at some points during this the book stalled or got off track, going into technical descriptions, politics and minutiae. Nevertheless there was more than enough to keep my attention turning the pages.

I felt the characters were stronger than the last book, they grew and drew me in, learning about themselves as some developed powers and others had to overcome their prejudices and become stronger people for the group as a whole to survive. As in the last novel the elves, dwarves and humans each have their own way of talking, I found it easier to keep up with this time, but in a few situations, particularly high action scenes I got elves and dwarves mixed up for a little while.

The 411

Overall I found this a fast paced and entertaining adventure novel with a good mix of themes. It had some minor issues with confusion but these were always cleared up before I felt the desire to put the book down. I feel this has a great setup for the final novel, Blood Bond, and look forward to reading it.

Series rating: 3.5
Sky Elf rating: 4

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