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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Raven in Winter by Jonathon Brigden

Title: The Raven in Winter
Author: Jonathon Brigden
Read Type: Indie Published
Stars: StarStarStar

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 photo raven_zps9915b3d4.jpgw
The Raven in Winter is a short story that tells the tale of love, betrayal, and trust between two very unlikely characters. The story centers around a young warrior, Garrett, whom has the ability to connect with animals. When he is sent on his first mission from his guild, he meets many friends that will help him discover himself. Some friendships will prove to be so strong, that even during the most brutal times, they will be truly tested.

Will Garrett succeed on his mission or will he learn something of greater importance along the way?

I found a copy of this story on a free promotion on Amazon

This short story was written in a third person present tense (at times it slipped back into past tense, but not to an unacceptable extent), giving it a different feel to many stories on the market. Covering a large part of the life of a man called Garrett, and the animals he meets, this story jumped around a lot, with many short scenes.

There was little conversation in this story, but there didn't need to be. The lovely descriptions, and, more importantly, the interactions with animals, particularly the lynx he meets, are far more touching than a conversation.

This story appeared to be historical in its basis, I would guess somewhere between 1500 and 1800 if it was set in England, but there were also small strains of fantasy threaded throughout. Many of these were not explained. I felt this was a short story written more as a test for a novel or a series, it did not feel complete, and while I enjoyed it I was not satisfied with the number of unanswered questions.

I would give this 3.5 stars, but have to reduce it to 3 due to reviewing site restrictions.

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