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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Never Give Up on Love by Quensetta Williams

Title: Never Give Up on Love
Author: Quensetta Williams
Read Type: ARC
Stars: StarStarStar

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The setting for the story "You Never Give Up One Love" begins in the posh condo apartment of grand theater actress and star, Grace Madison, the international darling of the stage. With the winning smile and sparkling eyes that can win over practically any man, why is she so deparately lonely?

Take a trip with Grace around the world as she looks for love, and battles with her own insecurities. She wonders if she will ever reclaim the relationaship she lost with the love of her life, Alexander Stanton, her rival in business as well as the only man she considers her equal but that also captures her heart.

From the exclusive after parties with the show business set in Manhattan, to the intimate moonlit gondola ride in Venice, Italy, this story draws you into the lives of the wealthy and famous, but also shows that even they have their setbacks and heartbreaks. 

Strong language: None
Drugs: None
Violence: None
Sexual content: None

I received a free copy of this book in return for an unbiased review

This was a short love story, a woman looking back on the past, the one that got away, as it were. Much of it was written through memory, short snippets, with chapters that took just a couple of minutes to read. In places it felt as if these were in depth plans for a novel, rather than a story in themselves, the scenes were flat in places and didn't connect with the reader.

I feel the disconnect was largely to do with wekened writing by the use of extra words. For example phrases such as "practically collapsed" and "barely stand" were used while her heart was actively being broken. As we are looking into the woman's memories of a man she loved I felt she should have dropped the adverbs even if she did keep her feet.

However, despite this I enjoyed the story. It was clean, it covered a time span difficult for shorter pieces and put you into the mind of a woman struggling to be who society wanted her to be, a role I think most women, as well as men, can relate to at one point or another. It had a slight fairytale quality to the writing, and made you want to root for the point of view.

I felt the ending, while sweet, was a bit rushed and left me wanting more. I'd have liked to have seen this fleshed out into at least a novella. If the story at this length was enough make connections with the character I feel if it was allowed to expand those memories into actual flashbacks it would be great.

I enjoyed this, but due to the issues I have to give it 3 stars.

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