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Friday, 11 April 2014

Sex, Spooks and Sauvignon by Tracy Whitwell

Title: Sex, Spooks and Sauvignon
Author: Tracy Whitwell
Series: Sex, spooks...
Type of read: Indie author
Stars: Star Star Star Star Star

You can buy the book via Amazon UK and in paperback on her website
You can find Tracy on twitter and her website

COVER sex & spooks & sauvignon photo COVERsexampspooksampsauvignon_zps78b5e473.jpg 
Meet Tanz, a thirty-something, northern, lusty, cash-strapped, failing actress with a penchant for cocktails. When, with her bank balance dwindling fast, she decides to work in a local New-Age shop in north London and starts hearing voices, a journey begins that brings spooks, laughter, a cast of millions (well, tens... ) mortal danger and some very pleasant shenanigans with a young Irish barman called Pat. Join the mad ride that is Tanz's life, today. And bring a bottle.

Despite this being an ARC review site, I wasn't asked to review this novel. After having read it however I contacted the author, who I can tell is just as much of a character as the ones she writes and notified her I'd be reviewing regardless of her opinion… but did she have an opinion and would she like to share? Thankfully either the bad guy isn't based on anyone she's close to or she took to me as I seem to still be alive, and even got the cool title of "sexy book-mafia"! Woohoo go me!

I wanted to share this though as I think it deserves to be shown off.

I found this novel on a free special offer on Amazon UK at the start of the year but it has sat neglected on my kindle since. I wanted to read something a bit different and I am so glad I picked this book up.

The book is light, funny and doesn't take itself too seriously which I found a refreshing change. The plot floated along, slow enough that there were times to just hang out with random cool characters from the point of view's, Tanz's, life, but still felt scripted enough that I knew where I was going, and hung on for the ride. I particularly liked the character of Milo, the funny best friend who, while not really having much to add to the plot except a sense of fun and life from before the events of the book, would have left a devastating hole if he were to be removed. I hope to see him take a larger role in future books.

A large part of the plot centred around work, whether as an actress, a till assistant in a spiritual shop, or a slight unbelieving and very bemused medium blurting out messages from beyond the grave! At the beginning of the novel Tanz has no idea on the mediumship front, merely taking a till job in a shop until her next acting break comes along. I feel the disbelief in this was essential to me having such an easy time believing the events later on in the book as the spooks get serious. I had time to go from non-existent to creepy-coincidence, to get-in-there-and-kick-ass-girl!

The side plots in between work of drinking, sex and sex while drinking were great fun. I imaging the author had fun "researching" the drinking side, possibly the sex as well.

Having since spoken with the author and found out several of the characters are based on her life I love this book even more. A diamond in the rough, I hope we get more soon.

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