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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hunger Moon by Melissa Snark

Title: Hunger Moon
Author: Melissa Snark
Series: Loki's Werewolves - Book 2
Type of read: eARC

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You can find more about Melissa on her website and blog

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Victoria Storm faces seemingly insurmountable odds to keep her dwindling pack of werewolves alive and together. She fights hunters- including the brother and father of her deceased lover-and the pack takes another devastating loss. When they seek sanctuary in a small town near Lake Tahoe, high in the secluded Sierra Nevada Mountains, Victoria discovers they are infringing on the territory of a vastly more powerful Alpha wolf. To save her pack, she uses her feminine wiles to seduce the Alpha. Nothing comes easily for Victoria. Her plans are complicated by the Alpha's erratic son, a ghostly wife, and a vengeful witch. Not even her status as a Valkyrie or the favor of the Goddess Freya can change the course of destiny for Victoria or her packmates

This is the second book in the Loki's werewolves series, you can find my review for the first one at

I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.

This is the second book in the Loki's Werewolves series, and while the first one was good I felt this was a big step up in writing quality. The connections between the characters and their species, as well as the wolf hierarchy really showed in this novel, making fascinating reading as character chose to submit or not depending on rank. And not all the dangerous ones are supernatural, there's danger at every turn.

The character's were well crafted: Victoria, the Valkyrie werewolf who give a lovely insight into both the living and those who died both in this book and the last, Arik, the hot suitor with more secrets than he has sleeves for, a grumpy librarian, breaking the tension of the story for a little bit, and the fact that you have amputee werewolves that just get on with life.

The book has a lovely action feel, starting off with a vicious fight and carrying problems, whether they be ones of growling animals or stomachs all the way through. Problems of the heart, war with problems of survival as Victoria, the almost accidental Alpha of the pack, has to find a mate to keep her pack alive. That just leads to more trouble, cover up, trouble, fighting, and did I mention trouble?

This book sent me from laughter to being choked up, to tension, everything I like in a good novel. I am looking forward to the next in the series, especially having read the excerpt in the back of the novel. I think this is a series to keep your eye on.

I would give this book 4.5 stars but increase it to 5 stars for the sake of rating sites

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