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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

FREEBIES: Caverns and Creatures short stories


Hi there

So I figure showcasing freebies is probably the best way to start off this blog. I'm a big fan of the Caverns and Creatures series by Robert Bevan, stories about a group of people who play a Dungeons and Dragons type game before something goes wrong and they end up as their characters. It has plenty of low brow humour and is just a great escape from the world for a while.

If you haven't encountered the series before I would recommend reading Critical Failures I (USA, UK) before these but I do not think it is essential.

Buzzkill USA UK
Cooper's Christmas Carol USA UK
Zombie Attack!!! USA UK
Orcs, Bears and Assholes USA UK

These will only be free for a couple of days so grab them while you can. If you do get these now, or buy them later I encourage you to leave a review as every little helps authors get more sales.

You can find Robert Bevan on:

Have fun reading
Laura the lurker

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