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Author: Timothy McLendon
Read Type: Indie Author
Stars: StarStarStarStar

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TWISTED ENDINGS 2 is a collection of five mystery and suspense stories with unexpected endings. This collection revolves around a workaholic who believes his wife is cheating on him with the pretty boy next door. A lesbian teenager who tries to convince her parents there is nothing wrong with her lifestyle. Two veterans who stand up for what they believe is right, no matter the cost. A soap opera star searching for her birth mother. An insomniac who will do anything to sleep.
2X more action than the first! The characters in these five short stories aren't prepared for what happens next. You won't be either! Just remember, bad things happen to good people. Really bad things. Strap yourself in for an adventure that never lets go

Strong language: Yes, mainly mild
Drugs: None
Violence: Yes
Sexual content: negligible, implied

I received a copy of this story free in return for an unbiased review

This is the second volume of Twisted Endings. You can read my review of the first volume here, but it is not necessary to have read that before reading this.

Bed bug conundrum 3.5 / 5
This had a good set up, showing the stress the main character was under, very believable. It built at a good pace. I did think in the pay off scene, however, that it was lacking a bit in emotion and the use of show don't tell.

Perhaps not the best starting story out of this selection, but not a bad read overall.

Mama's cherry pie 4 / 5
The first person voice of this story, right from the first line was very engaging, and drew you straight in. I would have said however, that the POV was little over half her age from the speech. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing however, it added to her innocence.

There were lots of red herrings in this as to what would happen. I enjoyed it and felt it was a surprising and strong ending.

Panhandled 4 / 5
A tale of two soldiers, one current, one veteran, with a suggestion of ptsd from their early actions. This kept a military theme with short, snappy sentences. There was a limit to overt emotion, but this felt right for the case.

The end was heart wrenching. It doesn't matter what country these soldiers were from, no matter where you live it has a effect on you.

Feels like family 3.5 / 5

Written through the eyes of a famous and rich lifestyle, this for me at least was a different point of view to my life. The emotions however, well written here, are the same as I would feel in the point of view's situation. She's had life handed to her on a platter, some would say, but she just wants what every little girl wants if she doesn't have it. I felt however too much time was spent going back and forth, losing the great emotions being built.

An interesting ending, I'm undecided on my thoughts there.

Death Trance 5 / 5
This story had a fantastic start to it, very strong emotions played through to the reader. I felt all through the story there were great twists getting stronger and stronger the more you read. This story was the real cream of the crop.

Each of these stories is ideal for a short single reading session, ideal for a lunch break or just a quick chill out. Each one has a well developed world built in just a few sentences. I thoroughly enjoyed this, much like it's prequel.

I give this set of stories a 4 out of 5

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